02. 01.2015

On June 2nd 2014, I was asked by Cathelijne Keers, owner of cattery Seelah Maew in the Netherlands, if I would be willing to shelter one of her cats. That cat had been here shortly before, for a mating with one of my boys. After a short story about how Cathelijne was having problems with RSPCA and also an unsteady private situation, with only income from social security and no house of her own, but staying with friends, she also revealed that her new boyfriend didn't like cats. All these factors combined, made me realize the cat was in a poor situation, so I decided to take her in, thinking this was only for a few days. After a while it was clear that the cat didn't get pregnant from the mating, but at that time, I actually was relieved because otherwise she might have gotten the litter at my place, or would have had to move back to Cathelijne highly pregnant. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, with no sign from Cathelijne. Not once did she ask about the cat! I send mails and pictures, but never got response. By September I wanted to get some clarification on how much longer the cat should stay with me. By this time she was fully integrated in my group and I myself had grown fund of her. Because I got no answer at all, my friend Susanne van Leeuwen also started mailing and phoning with Cathelijne, getting the same result: nothing! We then decided to call in the help of the cat club that Cathelijne is with. Finally she managed to pick up the phone and spoke to my friend Susanne, to make sure she fully understood what needed to be said, as I don't speak Dutch and the conversation in English would have resulted in misunderstandings. Susanne made clear that the cat needed to get picked up, or stay, either way, a decision had to be made! Cathelijne then agreed to let the cat stay with me for good, but..... she wanted a future kitten in return and she felt I owed her money for the mating. Susanne explained that Cathelijne had paid for a mating, NOT for a litter and that Cathelijne had nothing to expect back, but on the contrary, Cathelijne still had to pay ME!
The mating fee was never fully paid and taking care of the cat was set for € 6,- per day. (Pensions take between 8 - 12 euros per day/per cat) By the time of the conversation this amount was close to 1000 euros! (Needless to say that I never got a cent for petrol costs and I drove 360 kilometres to Mrs. Keers house and back home !!!!) She then agreed to give me the cat and there would be no more talk about money from  either of us. All would be put in a written agreement and that was it. Susanne then send the agreement in Dutch in October to Cathelijne and again she ignored us! Phoning, mailing, texting, nothing seemed to get her attention. After again contacting the cat club, finally the silence was broken and Cathelijne made an appointment with Susanne, that the pedigree could be picked up on November 11th at 19.00 hours. Susanne drove over there and about 10-15 minutes before Susanne was to arrive, Cathelijne send a text message, wanting to cancel the appointment. Susanne texted back that she was just minutes away from the house and had no intention of turning the car around, it would all be settled in a very short time, so whatever the excuse was, a quarter of an hour wouldn't make much difference.
Well.... Susanne did arrive on time, to find a house with the lights on and nobody answering the door!!! Cathelijne had shut off her phone and was hiding behind the sofa, even with the doorbell ringing for 5 minutes straight !! Needless to say how angry that made us!!
The conversation after that turned sour real quick, as there was no more room for politeness, after such treatment. All Cathelijne postings on her Facebook profile, were answered by us, with remarks about her neglecting her cat, not holding up to the agreement and that the clock was still ticking, no matter how hard she was ignoring it! We warned her that we would make the story public, but besides a friend of her that wrote some unfounded comments, there was no reply, so we then contacted her father, a veterinarian in the Netherlands, asking if he could at least provide us with details about the vaccinations of this cat and maybe tell his daughter to take care of her business and animals!
The apple doesn't fall far away from the tree, as the reply was in poor language with spelling mistakes you would not expect from an educated person. He could not say whether the cat was vaccinated, but wrote it would be wise to just re-vaccinate her. This was my first time ever, dealing with a vet, that didn't have any documentation or records of the animals that he treats in his practice!!!
On the other hand... he does have the same thick skin as his daughter, because the message didn't seem to bother him, or at least make him feel ashamed or embarrassed!! In the meantime the cat is here since June 4th, so that's 7 months, or 212 days!! (212 x 6 = € 1272,-)
Cathelijne has blocked Susanne on Facebook, probably because the comments were unwanted. Instead of taking them to heart and taking care of business, she continues to ignore the whole thing. The cat is fully integrated in my group and I have no intention of ever giving her back to this shame of a breeder. Even though the RSPCA is breathing down her neck and she had to rehome many of her cats, even though she doesn't have a steady income, a boyfriend that as of today is her fiancé who hates cats and even her children taken away by social services due to the lack of care , she is still selling kittens on a Dutch advertising website and pretending that her world is a happy place. No need for fancy pictures, or showing/ holding the kitten well, as long as the message comes across: he's for sale, come get him...... am I holding a kitten or a bag of potatoes ? She has issues with many people, selling cats without papers, selling cats with mistakes (kink tails etc) for big money overseas and even has been named & shamed on a Dutch website ( ) that warns for scammers and frauds, where she has been named a puppy mill breeder!!!
We will continue to get this solved, but feel that more people should be warned about this horrible person,
that only has dollar signs in her eyes.
If you want to see the evidence, please do not hesitate to contact us, we have all E-mails, SMS and screenshots for proof in this case.



Facts about Catteries "Scandalous Chan" (Sultan Chan, Slovakia)
and "D´Outrageous" (D´Oltremare, Italy)
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In eigener Sache

Wie mir das Veterinäramt Tirschenreuth mitteilte, soll mein Kater "Manalishi´s Thing That Should Not Be" angeblich am 26.02.2008 kastriert worden
und in der Narkose verstorben sein. Ein Nachweis wurde mir persönlich darüber nicht erbracht, so daß ich auch weiterhin davon ausgehe,
daß mein Kater noch lebt und weiterhin Nachwuchs produziert.
Wenn ich mir die betroffene Homepage ansehe, so scheint dies auch offensichtlich, da mein Kater dort immer noch unter der Rubrik OKH Deckkater zu finden ist....
Ich werde nach wie vor alles daran setzen die Wahrheit ans Licht zu bringen, solange mir nicht schriftlich das Gegenteil bewiesen wird !

Inzwischen ist mein Kater von der besagten HP verschwunden, dennoch bezweifle ich den Wahrheitsgehalt jeglicher dort veröffentlichten Informationen.
Ich will den schriftlichen Nachweis eines Tierarztes, daß mein Kater kastriert ist, bzw. nicht mehr lebt.



Im August 2004 verkaufte ich einen Cinnamon-silver-classic-tabby
Orientalisch Kurzhaar Kater als Liebhabertier an eine Familie in Dortmund.
Der Kater heißt „Manalishi´s Thing That Should Not Be“, ist am 03.05.2004 geboren und hat einen deutlichen Knickschwanz. Leider war der Kater zum Zeitpunkt der Abgabe für eine Frühkastration noch zu klein und ging deshalb unkastriert an die Liebhaberfamilie. Es wurde mir zugesichert, dass der Kater umgehend bei Erreichen der Geschlechtsreife kastriert werden würde.
Dies geschah leider nicht.

Obwohl außerdem in dem Kaufvertrag mit der Familie festgehalten wurde, dass eine Weiterveräußerung des Katers untersagt ist und ich ein lebenslanges Rückkaufsrecht auf das Tier habe, wurde der besagte Kater im Februar 2005 im Tiermarkt der Internetseite „DHD24“ zusammen mit einem aus einer polnischen Zucht stammenden weißen Devon Rex Kater zum Verkauf angeboten. Obwohl ich mich mehrfach telefonisch und per E-mail bemühte, meinen OKH Kater zurück zu bekommen und andauernd versuchte, einen Rückgabetermin zu vereinbaren, wurde das Tier zu einem Spottpreis, zusammen mit dem weißen Devon Rex Kater an die Züchterin Frau Iveta Schulz (Cattery von Amor) in Mitterteich veräußert. Frau Schulz informierte mich darüber und ich hatte ihr mehrfach ins Gewissen geredet, dass ich unter keinen Umständen wünsche, dass mit dem aus meiner Zucht stammenden Kater gezüchtet wird, da der Kater einen massiven Knickschwanz hat.

Fakt ist nun, dass Frau Schulz doch mit meinem Kater züchtet,
fleißig Würfe produziert (in denen bereits nachweislich Knickschwänze aufgetaucht sind !!) und den Kater (Rufname: „Sogun“) sogar als Deckkater auf ihrer Internetseite anbietet !

Seit Jahrzehnten bemühen sich die Siam/OKH Züchter genetische Defekte
aus den Linien herauszuzüchten und versuchen mit viel Aufwand und Mühe defektfreie Tiere zu bekommen und dann gehen solche "Züchter" wie Frau Schulz hin und machen die ganze mühevolle Arbeit innerhalb kürzester Zeit wieder zunichte !

Ich möchte mich in aller Form von den Zuchtpraktiken der Frau Schulz und ihrer Cattery von Amor distanzieren !
Frau Schulz verstößt ganz klar gegen Zuchtrichtlinien !
VerantwortungsbewussteSiam/OKH Züchter werden damit in ein schlechtes Licht gesetzt und in Misskredit gebracht !

Ich möchte hier noch einmal ganz klar festhalten, dass der im Besitz von Frau Schulz befindliche Kater „Manalishi´s Thing That Should Not Be“ von mir NICHT in die Zucht verkauft wurde sondern als Liebhabertier abgegeben wurde und mit den Erstbesitzern vertraglich festgesetzt wurde, dass der Kater aufgrund seines Knickschwanzes kastriert werden sollte !


Diesen Beitrag werde ich in allen Katzen-Foren, offen zugänglichen Katzen-Internetseiten veröffentlichen und außerdem diversen Katzenzuchtvereinen und Siam/OKH Züchtern zukommen lassen !
Der für Frau Schulz zuständige Zuchtverein wurde bereits informiert, ebenso das für Frau Schulz zuständige Veterinäramt in Tirschenreuth/Bayern.

Dieser Beitrag wird erst dann wieder von diesen Internetseiten entfernt,
wenn ich von Frau Schulz den Nachweis bekommen habe,
dass der aus meiner Zucht stammende Kater, sowie inzwischen dessen Nachkommen, kastriert sind !

Ich sehe mich als gewissenhafte Züchterin gezwungen aus züchterischen Gründen diese Fakten zu veröffentlichen und für
Jedermann kenntlich zu machen.

Petra Lerch